We always need more volunteers!

Volunteers typically work at the Pantry in two-and-a-half hour shifts, Monday through Thursday, and one shift on Friday. Volunteers may schedule to work shifts once a week, or once a month or more, depending upon interest and availability.

Volunteers sort and store food as it is received, and dispense it to recipients. They also validate recipients' eligibility. Volunteers may also pick up donated food on a regular basis from markets, other donors, and food drives.

Volunteers also help promote food drives and donations through clubs and organizations.

Volunteer drivers are especially needed. We have several pickups from grocery stores during the week. If you are willing to be added to the available drivers list, please contact Julianne Sorice (wvfoodpantry@gmail.com).

Volunteer to help at the Food Pantry.

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Supermarket Food Drives

Help is needed the first Saturday of every month at the Sprouts Farmers Market at 21821 Ventura Blvd (at the corner of Ventrua and Topanga Canyon in Woodland Hills). It consists of a two hour shift, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Also, we need a scheduler for the Sprouts drive, and a driver to pick up the food and transport it to the Pantry. Interested?

To sign up, contact Jeff Albee. If you do not have his phone numbers, leave a message at the pantry, (818) 346-5554